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Using Contents / Unlocking Episodes LIST

  • What type of contents do DexToons provide?

    1) First Free

       Contents that you can read for free at any time

    2) Wat Free

       Contents that you can read for free if you wait for a specific period of time(ex.7days).

       If you can’t wait and check out right away, you can always unlock using coins/ticket

    3) Premium Contents

       All other contents that can only be unlocked using coins/tickets

  • How many coins does it cost to unlock an episode?

    For a temporary period, 2 coins are needed

    For permanently, 4 coins are needed

  • I unlocked an episode, but it’s locked again.

    There’s a chance that you may have unlocked using a Rental Ticket but then the period expired, so please check your coin status for history. If that isn’t the case, contact us via 1:1 inquiry for help.

  • I unlocked the wrong episode.

    We do not allow refunds for unlocked episodes. If you can’t access an unlocked episode, contact us at 1:1 inquiry for more help.

  • How do I download DexToons episodes?

    We don’t offer download feature

  • How do I subscribe to my favorite series?

    Subscribe features will be updated in near future. 

  • How does "Wait" work?

    It's a system that allows to view paid contents, free of charge. After viewing a "Wait" episode, a coupon to view a paid episode once will be distributed after a certain period. (This coupon cannot be used to view the most recent episodes.) Please note that the waiting time and conditions for "Wait" coupons will be different for each webtoon.