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Coins and Tickets LIST

  • What is Dex coin?

    Dex coin is the virtual currency that’s exclusive to access the provided contents in DexToons. You can purchase it from Coin Shop.

  • What is Event coin?

    Event coin is the virtual currency that can be earned for free by participating in certain events from DexToons.

  • How do I purchase Dex coins?

    Once you log in, you can purchase through Coin Shop

  • How do I earn Event coins?

    Event coins can be earned through participating in ongoing events or from promotions.

  • Do both coins expire?

    Dex coins do not expire whereas event coins have their own expiry period depending on the point you earned.

  • Do I need to create an account to use those coins?

    Yes, coins can only be only used through an account for both Dex and Event coins.

  • Are Dex and Event coins interchangeable?

    Dex and Event coins are not interchangeable. Event coins will always be spent first if there is any Dex coin left in balance. 

  • How do I check my balance and purchase history of my coins?

    Go to My Info → Dex coin to view the details of your coin status.

  • How old do I have to be to use coins?

    You must be at least 13 years old to use the service under terms of service provided in DexToons page. However, certain conditions and limitations on payment methods for purchasing coins may vary depending on your country.

  • Can I use coins to access paid content across multiple languages?

    Coins purchased under a certain language setting can only be used on content in that particular language. Coins purchased under different language settings are not interchangeable.

  • How and Where can I use coins?

    Coins can be used to directly unlock contents or purchase Rental and Collection tickets.

  • What is a Rental Ticket?

    Rental Ticket is the virtual currency that unlocks a single episode and allows you to read for a temporary time.

  • What is a Collection Ticket?

    Collection Ticket is the virtual currency that unlocks a single episode permanently for you to read as long as it's like a collection.